CAG Action Alert

We Can’t Wait Rally & March

The Biden administration has made bold commitments to deliver on progressive issues.
Despite the introduction of legislation to provide a path to citizenship for all, massive proposed investments in green infrastructure and the care economy, and a commitment to putting the American people back to work in jobs that pay a family sustaining wage as a critical step towards economic recovery, immigrants and excluded workers have yet to feel any relief or recovery after bearing the brunt of maintaining critical food, care, and health infrastructure throughout the pandemic.
On June 24th, over 5000 excluded workers and immigrants will converge on the Capitol to underscore the urgency for congress to ACT NOW, BE BOLD, and make sure they pass recovery for ALL OF US. 
We are demanding that the House of Representatives pass strong legislation as part of the budget reconciliation process to meet the urgent needs of immigrants and excluded workers.
CITIZENSHIP can’t wait – we need a path to citizenship for all 11 million immigrants in the US, including an expedited path for Essential Workers, DACA, and TPS holders NOW.
CLIMATE JUSTICE can’t wait – we need bold investment in green infrastructure to drastically reduce dependence on fossil fuels and create good paying green, union jobs
CARE can’t wait – we need an investment in care workers – our country’s workers and economy depend on the people who care for our children, our elderly, and our sick. They deserve dignity, respect, and a fair wage. We also need to take steps to make health care accessible to everyone by expanding Medicare eligibility and ensuring drug companies aren’t holding our communities hostage.
JOBS can’t wait – we can’t build back better at $7/hour. We need a real investment in good, union jobs that will support our families and communities and a renewed commitment to unemployment insurance to bridge the gap for workers who were displaced during the pandemic.
****We are committed to maintaining public health measures to practice safer protesting during the pandemic. All event participants are expected to wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and follow all local safety guidelines.
Additionally, a core principle shared by supporting organizations is a commitment to nonviolent, peaceful actions. All actions are intended to be nonviolent and peaceful. We expect all participants to act lawfully at all times and to seek to de-escalate any potential confrontation with those who disagree with our values.****
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