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Easy Actions to Prevent SNAP Cuts, Protect Access to Justice

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Please see below for easy actions you can take to prevent cuts to SNAP benefits for 3 million people, and to protect access to justice for West Virginia consumers and workers. After you take action, keep reading for details on how you can participate in the People’s Presidential Forum on Saturday, September 21. 

Tell the Trump Administration: It’s Unacceptable to Take Food Away from Working Families, Children, Seniors and People with Disabilities

Food assistance is at risk–again. Just months after Congress rejected cuts to our most important food assistance program (SNAP), the Administration is now proposing to implement, through executive action, a second SNAP benefits cut it failed to secure through legislation. Remarkably, the Trump administration is targeting people who manage to increase their earnings modestly and who struggle to maintain a small amount of savings. Increasing earnings and maintaining savings – these are exactly the steps forward government policies should encourage. The Trump Administration wants to make these people worse off.

Act now to prevent cuts to 3.1 million SNAP recipients!

The administration’s proposed rule would eliminate SNAP’s broad-based categorical eligibility (BBCE) option, which allows states to streamline the process for households with slightly higher incomes that still experience financial hardship to participate in SNAP. The BBCE option has been fully vetted by previous administrations and Congress for more than 20 years, and was most recently upheld in the bipartisan 2018 Farm Bill.

By undercutting this option, the proposed rule will only fuel rates of hunger and food insecurity by taking food off the tables of working individuals and families, children, seniors, and people with disabilities.

SNAP helps millions of Americans make ends meet. The Trump administration should be building on the successes of the SNAP program, rather than making unnecessary changes. 

Send a letter today opposing this proposed rule that will harm struggling people. 

Comments must be received by USDA on or before September 23, 2019.

Tell West Virginia Legislators to Reject Proposed Intermediate Court of Appeals

The WV Legislature isn’t giving up on their plan to add an unnecessary and expensive layer to our civil justice system.

Tell lawmakers to save our limited tax dollars for what we need! Road repair, better schools, infrastructure, broadband access, job training for residents and more.

Not only is this court unecessary, it would also create the first bench of unelected judges in West Virginia history — a court packing scheme with serious implications for anyone seeking justice in West Virginia courts.

Why is the Legislature proposing to take the power of the vote away from West Virginians? How could our elected leaders think appointing judges through a process that is not transparent help restore trust in the courts?

The West Virginia Legislature’s Joint Judiciary Committee will be discussing the proposed intermediate court at its interim meeting on Monday, September 23. 

Tell them to say NO to this ruse by big corporations to delay justice for West Virginians like you and our small businesses, property owners, consumers and workers.

Watch the People’s Presidential Forum – Saturday, September 21

The 2020 elections must respond to the needs of people, not big money and wealthy corporations – this election is happening from the grassroots up.

It all starts with People’s Action presidential candidate forums in Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan, and Nevada anchored by our local member organizations and by Student Action.

But these forums aren’t about the candidates. They’re about the people. 

Click here to RSVP for this Saturday’s forum featuring Julian Castro, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren answering questions from a crowd of 2,000 Iowa voters. Don’t miss it! 

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