Megan’s doctors can stop her pain–but a greedy corporation is in the way

Imagine you were experiencing excruciating pain. After years your doctors found a solution–but your insurance company, Highmark BCBS, refuses to pay.

Unfortunately, that’s the case for Megan from Happy Valley, Pennsylvania. Megan has a condition called autonomic failure that means whole systems of her body don’t work on their own. Megan has trouble breathing, with blood pressure, and blacks out frequently.

There’s only one more medicine left for her to try that’s worked for others–but her private insurance corporation has refused to pay, blocking her from receiving infusions that could very well save and improve her life.

Tell Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield to get Megan the care she needs

Highmark BCBS made more than $346 million in 2022 alone and paid their CEO $9.47 million. They can afford to pay for the care Megan’s doctors say she needs. Megan can’t work due to her condition and is a medical dependent on her mother’s health care –there’s no way she can afford to pay for the surgery she needs if her insurance company refuses.

We live in the richest country in the history of the world. There’s enough for everyone to get the care they need–but greedy corporations like Highmark BCBS are getting in the way.

Sign here to tell Highmark BCBS to cover the care of people like Megan 

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