Save the Date: Save Our Solar Rally Jan. 20 at the State Capitol

Solar is under attack by legislators and monopoly utilities that are leading the effort to change net metering rules—important policies that ensure solar is economically viable and accessible to all consumers. We cannot let this happen.

Join us for a rally at the West Virginia Capitol building on January 20th at 2pm for a rally in support of our solar future.

Register now for the Save Our Solar Rally.

Community solar and net metering are important to West Virginians, we want a sustainable future and fair compensation for the power we produce.

This indoor/outdoor event will include speakers from the industry, decision makers, and solar customers, as well as advocacy training and the chance to speak face-to-face with key decision makers. Music and limited refreshments will be provided. Register now to participate in ride sharing or catch one of our buses from across the state! We hope to see you there.

RSVP Here for the Rally. 

Learn more here and here about the proposed changes to net metering and take action here

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