What’s the Rush? – Legislative Session Kicks Off with a Bang

The legislative session started out with a BANG on day one as the Senate leadership promptly used their super majority to suspend the rules, ram through 23 bills and send them to the House. These were mostly (but not all) ones that had passed out last year and died in the House. This also happened last year, but it’s a terrible way to legislate without public notice or internal debate.The Senate is supposed to be the legislature’s deliberative body! 

The House is moving mostly at the normal pace, but their Finance committee pulled a fast one on Thursday and added the governor’s 50% personal income tax cut to their agenda at the last minute and passed it out to the floor. See our allies at the WV Center on Budget and Policy on why it’s a terrible idea to use the excuse of a temporary (inflated) budget surplus to permanently gut a quarter of the state’s annual revenue, then take this action to tell your lawmakers to just say NO.

Resources for Following the Action

In addition to getting this weekly update, there are lots of resources for keeping up on the daily hijinks at the ‘Bad Idea Factory’ (as Delegate Pushkin often calls it). Here is a short list:

Stay tuned! 

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