COVID Immunity Bill (SB 277) Lets Health Care Providers & Businesses Off the Hook for Reckless & Intentional Misconduct

COVID Has Taken Enough. Don’t Let It Take Your Rights Too!

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge for all West Virginians.  West Virginia health care providers, nursing homes, and state businesses have worked hard to meet these challenges head on and keep their patients, workers and customers safe.  Most have followed guidelines and scientific recommendations to ensure people are safe.  Sadly, that’s not true for all businesses–yet the West Virginia Legislature wants to provide broad, blanket immunity for any and all claims that arise not only because of COVID, but also just because they arose during the COVID-era.  That’s unwise, unfair and unconstitutional.

As drafted, SB 277 will let health care providers and other businesses off the hook even when they have refused to follow proper protocols, safety requirements and other scientific recommendations to prevent the spread of the virus. READ MORE.

FULL ARTICLE by the WV Association for Justice and the WV Consumer Protection Alliance.

There shouldn’t be total immunity for this kind of negligence and misconduct.

Tell West Virginia lawmakers to tighten up SB 277!  It’s just common sense. The COVID bill should protect those West Virginia health care providers and businesses operating responsibly.  It’s important that these businesses are protected–but it’s just as important to protect the rights of West Virginians. Irresponsible businesses who cut corners and risk the safety and well-being of their patients, workers and customers must be held accountable.

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