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Manna Meal is ready to serve, through hail, through sleet, through COVID-19, and through waves of stigma. They offer sanctuary as well as nourishment, tucked in the side of St. John’s Episcopal Church. Generations of church leadership have supported this beacon of mercy, starting with Reverend Jim Lewis, a living light for the City of Charleston. This past week, their on-site program was shut down.

The Manna Meal mission is simple: “So the hungry can eat.”

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Countless other programs have faced a similar fate at the hands of COVID, funding shortfalls, and community pressures. “Not in my backyard” quickly becomes “not anywhere.”

The answer to the harms we face is not more harm. The answer is healing, housing, compassion, and food. We need more doors opened than closed, more second chances.

If healing can’t happen in our back yards, then where?

We call on elected representatives to work together to create solutions that safeguard ALL and allow services to continue at the Quarrier Street location.

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