PRESS RELEASE: MMA Congressional letter to Secretary Becerra

The Make Meds Affordable Congressional letter to Secretary Becerra (see below) went out last week. Congratulations & shout outs to everyone who did outreach to Congressional offices!  The letter was a bit overshadowed by the Supreme Court’s horrible ruling restricting our freedom but it did get covered by Politico. Approximately 100 Members of Congress signed on to the letter. What a great show of power!
On to the next tactic.
Oct 24 2023  Newsletter article
WV CAG and Allies Urge Advancement of March-in-Rights to Lower Drug Costs
Oct 24 2023  Newsletter article
Medicare Drug Price Negotiations & the First 10 Named Drugs
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WV CAG Statement Concerning First Ten Prescription Drugs Named for Long-awaited Medicare Negotiations to Lower Prices
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PRESS RELEASE: Medicare Patients Count Down to Lower Drug Costs As 58th Anniversary Approaches
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