Take Action Now for Community Solar

Take Action Now for Community Solar

Click here: Tell the Senate Government Organization Committee that you support SB 627!

Passing SB 627 would enable community solar programs in West Virginia. West Virginians deserve expanded affordable energy options like community solar. WV Legislators on the Senate Government Organization Committee need to know West Virginians want this passed to give all West Virginians access to solar options!

Twenty-two states have enabled community solar programs. It’s time for West Virginia Legislators to open the door to new economic opportunity and allow the expansion of and access to community solar.

Take Action Now: Email the Government Organization Committee with just one click!

WV New Jobs Coalition is a coalition advocating for stronger communities for a brighter future here in West Virginia.  Learn more about other organizations providing education around Community Solar by visiting WV for Energy Freedom and Solar United Neighbors who are both helping to advance community solar legislation in the Mountain State. 

Take Action Now!

Thanks so much for joining us in taking action for community solar!

Brandi Reece
Coalition Coordinator
WV New Jobs Coalition

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