Tell WV Legislators to SUPPORT HB 2430! Lower health care costs for insured WV diabetics!

Take Action Now – Tell our Legislators to lower health care costs for insured WV diabetics:

Last year, a bill came within minutes of passing that would lower healthcare costs for insured WV diabetics. The bill is back with a new number: HB 2430!

The bill requires health insurance plans to have:

  • copay caps of $35/month on insulin.
  • copay caps of $100/month on “devices” (“Devices” defined as including both supplies and enumerated devices).
  • cost caps of no more than $250 every two years for an “insulin pump.”

This bill is a matter of life and death for many West Virginians. Let’s get it passed.

WV Legislators need to hear from you! As do Senate President Craig Blair (R-Berkeley), Senate Health and Human Resources Committee Chair Michael J. Maroney (R-Marshall), House Speaker Roger Henshaw (R-Clay), House Health and Human Resources Committee Chair Amy Summers (R-Taylor).

Use this online form to tell them West Virginia’s insured diabetics need this bill!

Take Action Now:

Thank you for taking action with West Virginia Citizen Action!

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