Welcome Gathering! WV Working Families Party

Are you looking for a place to connect with others about your dreams frustrations and visions for West Virginia? Are you feeling like some of our current leadership is focused more on corporate donors than they are on the people and families that they represent?
West Virginia Working Families Party is on a mission to bring joy and power back to the people. Learn about what we’ve been up to and how you can take action to build the political home we all need and deserve. There will be space for learning and asking questions!
Oct 12 2021  Action Alert
Speak Out for Fair Districting: Public Hearing 10/13 @8AM
Oct 7 2021  Newsletter article
WV New Jobs Coalition and Why We Need to Build Back Better
Oct 7 2021  Newsletter article
Build Back Bolder
Sep 14 2021  Action Alert
Speak Out on Fair Districting in WV! – Sign-up on 9/17
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