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ACTION ALERT: Tell your Legislators – Say YES to Medicaid Buy-in, NO to COVID Liability Immunity and NO to Income Tax cuts!

Contact Your Legislators!
(1) Tell them TODAY to Say NO to SB 277
Don’t let Irresponsible Businesses Off the Hook!
(2) Tell them to Say YES to HB 3001
Create the Affordable Medicaid Buy-in Program.
(3) Tell them to Say NO to SB 600/HB 2027
Protect Public Services by Keeping the WV Income Tax!

Dear Friend,

1) Say NO to SB 277 – COVID Immunity Bill Up for Passage TODAY!

The COVID immunity bill (SB 277) is up for passage tomorrow.  While it has been tightened somewhat, it is still far too broad and could provide total immunity for incidents that are not connected to the pandemic (ex. a child without COVID dying because the hospital pharmacist injected the wrong medicine into his IV).

Tell West Virginia lawmakers to tighten up SB 277!  It’s just common sense.  The COVID bill should protect those West Virginia health care providers and businesses operating responsibly.  It’s important that these businesses are protected–but it’s just as important to protect the rights of West Virginians.  Irresponsible businesses who cut corners and risk the safety and well-being of their patients, workers and customers must be held accountable.

CLICK HERE: Contact your Legislators TODAY! 
Tell them to Protect the rights of West Virginians and to not let irresponsible businesses of the hook!

2) Say YES to HB 3001 – Creating the Affordable Medicaid Buy-in Program 

This Medicaid Buy-in Program (HB 3001) would provide a new, more affordable, quality health insurance option for adult West Virginians who currently do not have access to affordable health coverage.

This plan would cover a comprehensive set of benefits and have low deductibles and copays. It would ensure affordable health coverage for more low-wage workers who are hurt by the Medicaid “cliff effect” – those that earn over Medicaid income eligibility levels but do not have an offer of affordable health insurance through their jobs and cannot afford the premiums and out-of-pocket costs of a private individual plan.

Contact the members of the House Health and Human Resources Committee today to ask them to say YES on HB 3001 to Create the Affordable Medicaid Buy-in Program.

3) Say NO to SB 600, HB 2027, & the Governor’s Personal Income Tax Proposal

Last week, Governor Jim Justice unveiled his personal income tax proposal. It was introduced to the House and Senate yesterday under bills HB 2027 and SB 600. “This plan leaves a $185 million budget gap,” says Kelly Allen, Executive Director of the WV Center on Budget and Policy, “because the new taxes don’t fully offset the 60 percent personal income tax cut. Add that to an already ‘flat budget’ which means an $80 million cut from failing to account for inflation, and we are looking at a $265 million budget gap- or 5 percent of our total state general revenue fund. What will have to be cut to close that gap – during a pandemic?”

If you utilize any state programs- and we all do! (higher education, foster care support, public health departments, Medicaid) this funding is all at risk as legislators consider cuts in order to give tax cuts to the wealthiest West Virginians. 

West Virginia’s Income Tax is our fairest tax, ensuring that wealthier taxpayers pay their fair share and funding 43% of our state budget. Shifting more taxes onto low and middle income citizens is not fair – this is what efforts to reduce or eliminate the income tax will do – raise other taxes on low-income and middle-income families, and will result in cuts to public services that benefit all families and businesses.

One thing we have learned through this COVID-19 pandemic is the importance of fully funding vital public services like health care and education.

CLICK HERE: Contact your Legislators TODAY! 
Tell them to Protect the WV Income Tax as a source of revenue for our state, so that it can continue to fund education, Medicaid, and other vital public services.


Yours for Action,

Gary Zuckett
Executive Director
WV Citizen Action Group

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