Call Sen. Manchin – We Need Climate in BBB!

Call Sen. Manchin:
Keep the Climate Provisions in BBB! 

TODAY, take part in a statewide call and social media storm day on the climate provisions in the Build Back Better Act.

Our own Senator Manchin has the opportunity to ensure historic climate investments are made that will protect our state from the worst climate impacts and bring economic development to the region. 

CALL Manchin: As the legislation is being finalized, call Senator Manchin’s office to let him know that climate action must be kept in the final text! You can call directly using the numbers above, or go to to call and/or email. 

PHONEBANK WV: We want Sen. Manchin to hear from as many supportive constituents as possible. On December 14th, 15th, and 16th we will be calling folks in WV and offering to patch them through to Senator Joe Manchin’s voicemail. Join us and lend a hand!

SHARE on Social Media why you care about meaningful climate action, using the hashtag #WVforClimateAction.

Some provisions to consider are the methane fee, 48c, and the EV tax credit. Check out fact sheets on the methane fee and coal area support in Build Back Better!

Thank you for taking action with West Virginia Citizen Action!

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