Launch Event for the Excessive Wealth Disorder Institute and Tax the Ultra-Rich Now (TURN) Campaign

The nation’s 740 billionaires now control more wealth than the 65 million households that make up the bottom half of our economy. They use that wealth to buy politicians and rig the system in their favor while paying lower tax rates than firefighters, teachers, or nurses.

That’s why we’re banding together with some of the top tax fairness fighters—Americans for Tax Fairness, Excessive Wealth Disorder Institute, Health Care for America Now, The Other 98%, Working Families Party, and more—for a new campaign to Tax the Ultra-Rich Now (TURN)!

On Thursday, July 14th, join us for the launch of the TURN campaign and the Excessive Wealth Disorder Institute. We’ll hear from experts and activists alike about why now is the time to tax the ultra-rich, and how you can get involved.

 – Gabriel Zucman, Professor/Inequality Expert
 – Maurice Mitchell, Working Families Party
 – Keron Blair, New Georgia Project
 – Annette Magnus, Battle Born Progress
 – Alan Davis, Excessive Wealth Disorder Institute
 – Margarida Jorge, Health Care for America Now!

Please RSVP below for this virtual Zoom event! 

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