PRESS RELEASE: Citizen Groups Call on Governor and Senate to Call for more Federal Covid Aid

For Release December 9th, 2020

Contact: Gary Zuckett, Cell 437-3701

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Citizen Groups Call on Governor and Senate to be a Santa not a Scrooge on Covid Relief & Call for more Federal Covid Aid


Charleston, WV – State community organizations held a virtual press conference today to call on governor Justice and our Senators to be Santas not Scrooges and to cap this holiday season with actions that keep families fed, housed and healthy as we move into 2021.

Governor Justice seems resigned to park over half a Billion Dollars of CARES Act funds in his unemployment fund rather than getting some of those funds out to families having utilities cut off and or facing evictions, to Food Banks who are overloaded with new clients, and to our first responders and medical facilities who are fast approaching overflow.

Meanwhile, our US Senate continues to low-ball the relief needed to keep workers and families whole as federal unemployment bump and other assistance expires this month. We need a down payment now on continued federal Covid relief before Congress goes home for the holidays!

Speakers referenced their group letter sent to Governor Justice previously, outlining  actions that could be taken to immediately help small business, workers, families and children in need as this pandemic continues to rage in our state:

The Zoom press conference was recorded and is available at this link:

Who – Speakers included:

Rev. Jeff Allen, Director, WV Council of Churches

Karan Ireland, WV Sierra Club

Ricardo (Rick) Martin, President, Charleston WV NAACP

Lida Sheppard, AFSC Economic Justice Project

Sam Hickman, WV Chapter of NASW

Dr. Jessie Ice, WV for Affordable Health Care

Gary Zuckett, West Virginia Citizen Action Group


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