Citizens Mark St. Patrick’s Holiday With A Call To “Put The Green” Into The Federal Budget

Contact: Gary Zuckett, WV Citizen Action, 304-437-3701,

 MEDIA ADVISORY for Monday March 18th 


Activists expose Verizon’s stashed offshore profits; urge Senator Manchin to support $1 trillion in revenue from the richest 2% and corporations during Senate budget debate next week

Huntington- WV,  WV Citizen Action Group, state partner of Americans for Tax Fairness, a national coalition representing more than 275 groups pressing for a fairer tax system, will hold a St. Patrick’s Day themed protest at 898 3rd St. in Huntington on Monday, March 18, at 3PM. Speakers will urge Senator Manchin to close special-interest tax loopholes that benefit the rich and big corporations like Verizon in order to put “put the green” into the federal budget in the form of more revenue to protect critical benefits and services that West Virginia families depend upon.

Today’s event will take place outside of Verizon Wireless, one of many big corporations that hoard profits in offshore tax havens to avoid paying their fair share of taxes in the U.S.  Protesters will expose the company’s “green” stash and send Congress a message:  it’s time everyone, including the richest Wall Street companies, put in their fair share of “green” so we can get our country back on track.

WHO: Gary Zuckett, Exec. Dir. WV Citizen Action, concerned citizens & others TBA

DATE: Monday, March 18, 2013


LOCATION: Verizon Wireless, 898 3rd St. in Huntington

“We’re calling on Senators Manchin and Rockefeller to stand strong over the next few months to put the green back in the budget instead of letting corporations get away with tax breaks and loopholes that the rest of us must pay for. The Senate budget being voted on next week raises $1 trillion by closing tax loopholes so that the richest 2% and big corporations have to pay their fair share. It’s time the lucky few who’ve been stashing away huge profits in offshore tax havens for years, did their part,” said Gary Zuckett, Executive Director, WV Citizen Action Group


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