Tell Senators Capito & Manchin to Say “No Thanks!” to GOP Tax Plan

This week, members of Congress are back home for Thanksgiving recess. When they return to Washington next week, the Senate will vote on a tax plan that would balloon the country’s deficit by giving away massive tax cuts to wealthy individuals and corporations, while giving families, students, people in recovery, and small business owners even less to be thankful for in the coming years.  

We must send a strong message to Senators Shelley Moore Capito and Joe Manchin and tell them to say “No thanks!” to the GOP tax plan. 

Please call or send a letter today! 

Senator Capito – 202-224-6472 or 304-347-5372

Senator Manchin – 202-224-3954 or 304-342-585

Under the plan, the richest households and big multinational corporations that offshore profits and jobs will get a virtual cornucopia of tax breaks and perks on the House and Senate Republican tax bills. Over 70% of the tax breaks in each bill go to big corporations in the form of lower taxes on foreign profits, a lower corporate tax rate and other benefits.

To pay for these big tax breaks for corporations, CEOs and shareholders, Republicans plan to carve up health care and public services that our families depend on every day. The plan already calls for slashing $1 trillion from Medicaid, and nearly $500 billion Medicare.

Call or send Senators Capito and Manchin a letter today. Tell them to vote NO on giving massive, unnecessary tax cuts to billionaires that will blow up our deficit and force cuts to health care, education, and other vital programs.

Senator Capito – 202-224-6472 or 304-347-5372

Senator Manchin – 202-224-3954 or 304-342-585


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  1. Now is the crunch, call them everyday!

  2. The proposed tax bill is another effort at trickle-down economics that has failed the lower and middle income people from the Regan era. We have a huge prison population. We have a huge drug problem. Please fund education and rehabilitation programs to allow these people to become productive, tax-paying citizens rather than a society expense.

    Either expand Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and other social support programs or pass a death with dignity act to allow people to opt out when they no longer have the assets to live with dignity.

    No cuts for the upper one per cent or permanent tax cuts to corporations that are converting employees to contract employees and not paying them enough for them to survive without assistance programs.

  3. Please vote no one Trumps tax cut for the rich and trillion dollar budget deficit.

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