Surprise Fight at the PSC Over Appalachian Power Energy Efficiency Programs

WV-CAG’s EEWV project intervenes in every case at the Public Service Commission relating to energy efficiency. Appalachian Power and Wheeling Power (AEP’s WV subsidiaries) submit their plans for energy efficiency programs to the PSC every other year and Mon Power and Potomac Edison submit theirs intermittently. In the latest AEP case, EEWV did not have many changes to the proposed programs because AEP asked to grow programs at a steady pace. There are a few changes that EEWV would like to see, but overall it was a good proposal.

In a surprise move, the West Virginia Public Service Commission (PSC) Staff proposed to stop all energy efficiency programs in the state. The Staff based their recommendations on a method of assessing cost-effectiveness that no other state utilizes. It did not take into account the benefits to people who participate in energy efficiency programs, only the benefits to those who do not.

We need your help to protect energy efficiency in West Virginia! Contact the PSC today to ask to Commissioners to keep and expand AEP’s energy efficiency programs.

Energy efficiency has been widely found to be more cost-effective than generating electricity, in part, because people who participate in energy efficiency upgrades pay for some of the savings and the benefits are shared by all parties. It is vital that utility regulators evaluate energy efficiency programs for cost-effectiveness, but it should happen through established industry standards that takes into account all of a utility’s customers.

EEWV will continue to work with the PSC and all of our state’s major utilities to maintain and grow energy efficiency programs in order to help diversify the economy and empower West Virginians to take control of their energy bills.

Please help us by signing our letter/petition to the PSC.

We will hand deliver petitions (the PSC doesn’t have an official email address) that you send at the following website:

Your support can help protect AEP’s energy efficiency programs.

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