Your Story Has Power! Will you share it?

Many of us in WV are struggling to cover medical expenses, care for loved ones, find good paying jobs with medical coverage, or work hard but still not earn a living wage. 
Your stories are important, and can help send a powerful message to decision makers. Please share your stories with us, so that together we can help change things for the better.

We want to hear from You. We want to help amplify that power.

Share your experiences with us & help make positive change. Visit:
Jan 17 2022  Newsletter article
Legislative Forecast: Winter is Here. Brace Yourself.
Jan 17 2022  Action Alert
Citizen Civic Engagement Training – Jan 20th, 6PM
Jan 17 2022  Action Alert
We Are The Economy: Community Well-Being & Mutual Aid – Jan 17th, 8PM
Jan 15 2022  Action Alert
Monday Events: MLK, Jr. Day & Public Hearing
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