Deep Canvass Institute: September Training Series

Deep Canvass Institute: September Training Series organized by People's Action

The Deep Canvass Institute is offering a monthly skill series training where you will be trained to have deep canvass conversations that are proven to more effective than traditional canvassing!

Deep canvassing is about working to create mutual understanding grounded in lived experience, instead of in debate or talking points. Deep canvassing was developed by organizers and volunteers in the LGBTQ rights movement as a way to turn the tide of a decade of losses at the ballot box.

It has since become the one of the only tactics scientifically proven to be able to lastingly reduce prejudice, inoculate people against fear-based messaging, and change hearts and minds on our most divisive issues. When we take this approach, people’s experience leads them away from prejudice, stigma, or fear, and towards empathy and a willingness to consider equitable solutions.


  • On Monday, September 19th 6-9PM ET / 3-6PM PT we will dive into what is deep canvassing, what it has achieved and training, demonstrate script structure and the deep canvass skill of telling your stories!

  • On Tuesday, September 20th 6-9PM ET / 3-6PM PT we will dive further into the deep canvassing skills of compassionate curiosity, and assertiveness!

Deep Canvass Phonebank & Training (3 Hours)

  • Sign up for our Deep Canvass Phone bank and training on Tuesday, September 27th 6-9PM ET / 3-6PM PT in partnership with our member organization.
  • On this phone bank you will receive a full training on how to make deep canvass phone calls, all with deep canvass leaders and staff there to support you as you make your first calls!
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