Fight the TPP!

President Obama recently gave notice to Congress that he will introduce Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) implementing legislation to ratify the TPP this fall, though it is still uncertain if he can pull together the votes he needs.   We must give notice to Congress that we aren’t going to let that happen.

Right now, because of your work, the votes don’t seem to be there to pass TPP legislation. But TPP supporters aren’t giving up!

The corporate tools will make promises, bribe, and twist arms to get enough votes to pass it. But we’re not stopping either!

When Congress members return to Washington, DC after their long break, is going to formally notify them of their intention to bring thousands of people to DC to protest the TPP. So far over 3,600 people have joined the No Lame Duck Uprising. You can join too by clicking here!

Join thousands on September 7th in DC at 10 am to deliver our notice.

If you can’t attend in Washington,DC, you can still take action from home through the National Call-in Day. Use the phone tool at for step-by-step instructions.

Why September 7th?  September 7th is the first full day back in D.C., so we will be making it clear on that day that we will not tolerate a vote on the TPP during the anti-democratic lame duck session using the anti-democratic fast track procedure.

Learn more and take action today!

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