Capital Eye Vol. 15 No. 3: Week Three of the WV Legislative Session

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The Year of Babydog?
The second full week of session had several highlights. As of Friday, 1,551 bills had been introduced by both chambers, our governor held his belated ‘State of the State’ address, and a public hearing on ending the nuclear power ban in WV was held.
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Legislative Forecast: Week 3
This week we continue our round up of what is happening under the dome (and elsewhere) related to several critical issue areas and actions you can take.
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Unbearable Without the Child Tax Credit
With the elimination of the enhanced Child Tax Credit (CTC), 50,000 West Virginia children have been pushed back below the poverty line. West Virginia mothers are traveling to Washington, DC to share their stories with senators in front of 500+ teddy bears at the US Capitol. We hope the stories will be heard by the senate and inspire action by the federal government. You can help amplify their voices
Tagged: InequalityKids and familiesOur children our futurePoverty
Criminal Justice Reform Update
Thanks to those who participated in Smart Justice virtual learning series, story-telling training, and advocacy day at the Capitol during December legislative interims hosted by the WV Criminal Law Reform Coalition. With your help, Smart Justice Advocacy Day 2.22.22 will be even bigger!
Tagged: Criminal Justice
Why WV Needs A Medicaid Buy-In
The fight for accessible affordable health care in West Virginia is what Health Care for All WV is all about. Key to our efforts is the Medicaid Buy-In bill HB 3001. This bill would create a new affordable health insurance plan that would eliminate the “cliff effect” of those who are working and want to keep coverage while earning increased hours or increased pay, or who’s employers do not offer insurance coverage for their full-time employees.
Tagged: HealthcareKids and familiesWorkers
Invest In WV: Neighbor-to-Neighbor Day of Action
We know how important it is for Senator Manchin to hear continued support on climate, care, and justice investments from West Virginians. So, we're inviting you to participate in a statewide, neighbor-to-neighbor canvassing day of action on February 12th!
Tagged: Build Back BetterCare EconomyClimate ChangeJobs
Campaign Launched to Inform West Virginians That They May Have Been Removed from the Voter Rolls
The campaign communicates to West Virginians whose names have been removed from the voter rolls according to data provided by the Secretary of State. The campaign encourages these individuals to double check their registration status. If they remain eligible to vote, the mailers provide information on how to re-register so they may vote in this year’s elections.
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Updated: January 31, 2022 — 2:38 pm
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