Capital Eye Vol. 15 No. 6: Week Six of the WV Legislative Session

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Your Contributions Important to ‘Life After Session’

This time of year we start joking about what life will be like after the craziness of the legislative session. This being an election year we’ll be transitioning to voter education, engagement, and all manner of support for getting better legislators behind the desks at the State Capitol. Your continued support and volunteering will be essential to getting this critical work done! Please take a minute to renew or become a supporting member of WV CAG! A big THANKS to all of YOU who have already done so!



– Feb 22nd: Smart Justice Advocacy Day

– Feb 24th: Mid-Session Legislative Update at 7PM, hosted by WV Rivers Coalition

Mushroom Session
This session reminds me of an old saying “I feel like a mushroom because they keep me in the dark and feed me BS.” This is appropriate in so many ways as committees are sprouting (originating) lots of bills and short circuiting the normal process for introducing bills.
Tagged: Aboveground tanksEnergyFair RepresentationInequalitySurface Owner Rightswater qualityWorkers
Legislative Forecast: Urgent Actions – Week Six
This mid-week update is focused on urgent actions to help move good bills and stop bad ones, as critical deadlines on the Legislative Calendar approach.
Tagged: CensorshipDiscriminationFair CourtsHealth CareHuman RightsInequalityVoting Rights
Judicial Power Grab Would Weaken West Virginians’ Say-So on the Courts
In response to former Justice Evan Jenkins’s recent resignation from the State Supreme Court, members of the House of Delegates are moving quickly to strip West Virginians of their ability to have a say in who will fill the seat left vacant by Jenkins’s departure.
Tagged: Fair CourtsFair RepresentationVoting Rights
Smart Justice Advocacy Day is Almost Here
We hope to see you tomorrow (2.22.22) at 9 am when we kick off Smart Justice Advocacy Day at the WV State Capitol (Little Rotunda East).
Tagged: Civil JusticeDemocracyInequalityVoting Rights
Meet Carey Jo
Hello to all the friends of CAG! I’m excited to be joining an organization that I’ve partnered with many times over the years, and whose work is so important.
WVNOW Legislative Action Alert 2.21.22
From Meredith Hartery, President of the WV Chapter National Organization for Women
Tagged: DiscriminationEconomic JusticeFair PayFair RepresentationHealth CareInequalityKids and familiesWorkers
Jo’s Fight for Coverage During COVID
During the pandemic, "Jo" had to take unpaid leave from her job of 15 years, and lost her health insurance, in an effort to protect her family. She later found she qualified for Medicaid and discovered she could get services she couldn't afford with employer-based insurance.
Tagged: Health CareHealth InsuranceHealthcareMedicaid
Image cropped from original at
Keeping your Activist Heart Happy: A Series – part 3
When many of us are called to activism, our passions push us to overextend, to burn our light brightly at the expense of the longevity of our efforts. Karen explores this connection between selflessness/sacrifice and activism, and how best to integrate self-care, for ourselves and the world. 
Tagged: Resilient Activism
Health Care Eye on the Capitol
Last week, a family member asked me to stop by the pharmacy and get the new medication their doctor prescribed for their Type 2 diabetes. I was surprised that it was $55 after insurance...
Tagged: DiabetesHealth CareHealth InsuranceMedicaid
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