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Press Release CAG March 18, 2013
Citizens Mark St. Patrick’s Holiday With A Call To “Put The Green” Into The Federal Budget
Activists expose Verizon’s stashed offshore profits; urge Senator Manchin to support $1 trillion in revenue from the richest 2% and corporations during Senate budget debate next week More
Issues: Fair taxationWorkers
Press Release CAG February 27, 2013
With Sequester Looming, Groups Call for Support for Social Programs
As part of a National Day of Action across the U.S., local social service and justice groups gathered for a roundtable discussion at City Hall with representatives from Senator Rockefeller’s and Manchin’s office to call for continued support for essential programs that help the needy and to look to the ever‐expanding Pentagon Budget for cuts. More
Issues: Fair taxationPoverty
Banking reform
Press Release CAG February 20, 2013
New U.S. PIRG Study Exposes the Real Cost of Tax Loopholes for WV Citizens
Revenue from Closing Overseas Tax Loopholes Should Be Collected Before Congress Makes Cuts to Education, Health Care and Other Vital Programs More
Issues: Fair taxation
Press Release CAG February 5, 2013
Offshore Tax Dodging Blows $106 Million Hole in WV Budget
– With West Virginia’s Budget under heavy pressure, WV Citizen Action, released a new study by U.S. PIRG revealing that West Virginia lost $106 million due to offshore tax dodging in 2012. More
Issues: Fair taxation
Banking reform
Press Release CAG January 30, 2013
Citizen Groups Urge Senator Manchin to Protect Working Families By Standing Up For “Fair Taxes, Not Cuts”
WV Citizen Action, a member of Americans for Tax Fairness, delivered a message to Senator Manchin from several West Virginia groups today calling for Fair Taxes, Not Cuts as part of a national day of action in coordination with state and national labor, advocacy and faith groups. More
Issues: Fair taxationInequality
Press Release CAG October 3, 2012
2012 Congressional Report Card: Rep. Shelley Moore Capito Failing Seniors
Did Congresswoman Capito Make the Grade on the Issues Seniors Care About Most? More
Issues: Fair taxationHealthcareSocial security
Press Release CAG July 31, 2012
Report Shows Impact to West Virginians of Ending Bush Tax Cuts for Richest 2%
2012) If the U.S. House of Representatives passes the Republican plan this week to extend the Bush‐era tax cuts for households making over $250,000, the wealthiest 1.7 percent of West Virginians in that income group could get a disproportionate 29 percent of the total tax breaks in their state. They’re average tax cut would be about $25,000. More
Issues: Fair taxationInequality
Press Release CAG July 30, 2012
West Virginia Citizen Action Urges Governor Tomblin to Mark Medicare and Medicaid’s 47th Anniversary by Providing More West Virginians with Health Security through Medicaid
Medicare and Medicaid were signed into law today in 1956 to make sure that working people, children, seniors, and people with disabilities could get the healthcare they need throughout their lives. It is this record of success that we should be building upon and expanding. More
Issues: Healthcare
Press Release CAG July 26, 2012
WV Senators Praised for Voting to Support Tax Cuts for 98% of Americans
2012 WV Citizen Action praised both WV’s Senators for taking an important first step to restoring fairness in our tax system by voting today for the Middle Class Tax Cut Act (S. 3412). More
Issues: Fair taxation
Banking reform
Press Release CAG May 10, 2012
Report Details Harm If Student Loan Rate Doubles
WV Citizen Action Education Fund (WV-CAEF), USAction Education Fund and Campus Progress today co-released a report detailing how an increase in the Stafford loan interest rate would hurt West Virginians. More
Issues: Fair taxation
Press Release CAG December 20, 2011
House Republicans Say “Bah-Humbug” to Unemployed Workers
Today’s move against extending federal UI benefits into 2012 is an unconscionable abandonment of unemployed workers and reveals a Republican Party more comfortable with embracing millionaires than Americans struggling in today’s economy More
Issues: Unemployment benefitsWorkers
Press Release CAG July 28, 2011
‘Unemployed Need Not Apply’
USAction today launched an online petition campaign aimed at companies that refuse to consider hiring unemployed workers, a perverse form of discrimination in today’s economy. More
Issues: InequalityUnemployment benefits
Press Release CAG July 27, 2011
Community Groups & Labor Call for “Clean” Vote to Raise the Debt Ceiling
WV United and many member groups will held a press conference today asking ALL our WV Congressional Delegation to protect the economic health of our state and nation by holding a “clean vote” to raise the nation’s debt limit. More
Press Release CAG May 24, 2011
Report lists Top Counties for Pedestrian Fatalities
— Kanawha Co. is among the most dangerous counties in the state for pedestrians, ranking 4th most dangerous out of the 55 counties, a new report released by Transportation for America shows. More
Press Release CAG March 30, 2011
West Virginia’s Bridges Rank 8th Worst in Country
Repair backlog leaves bridges in dangerous condition, Federal support needed to maintain safety and limit emergency repair costs of state’s 5700+ bridges. More
Issues: Transaportation
Press Release CAG March 10, 2011
WV Labor and Community Groups to Join TOGETHER & Rally for Workers Rights and the American Dream
In Wisconsin and around our country, the American Dream is under fierce attack. Instead of creating jobs, politicians are giving huge tax breaks to corporations and the very rich—and then cutting funding for education, police, emergency response, and vital human services. More
Issues: Fair taxationInequality
Press Release CAG February 21, 2011
Community, Labor and Legislators Stand with Wisconsin Workers & Families
Community and Labor leaders will gather with WV legislators tomorrow at the state capitol at Noon to issue statements of support for the public workers and their supporters in Wisconsin that are protesting their governor’s attempt to eliminate public workers collective bargaining rights. More
Issues: Kids and familiesWorkers
Press Release CAG January 18, 2011
Citizen Group Lauds Win in Court Decision to Hold Quick Election for Governor
The WV Supreme Court’s decision to call for a new election for governor this year was welcomed by the West Virginia Citizen Action group More
Press Release CAG December 10, 2010
Groups Mark Progress, Challenges in Human Rights
Human Rights Day is celebrated around the world on Dec. 10th. It commemorates the United Nations General Assembly’s adoption and promotion of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on Dec. 10, 1948. More
Issues: HealthcareKids and families
Press Release CAG November 19, 2010
Citizen Group Asks Supreme Court to Rule on Timing for Governor’s Election
WV Citizen Action Group filed a writ of mandamus late today asking the WV Supreme Court to rule on when the next governor should be elected. More
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