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Newsletter article   February 15, 2024
Multiple Anti-LGBTQ+ Bills Are Gaining Momentum In The Legislature
West Virginia could really use your support to fight back against these closed-minded proposals. More
Issues: CensorshipDiscriminationEducationHuman Rights
Newsletter article   February 15, 2024
Keep Children in School — Oppose SB 614
SB 614 would result in an increased number of students being removed, suspended, and/or expelled from elementary schools! More
Issues: DiscriminationEducation
Newsletter   February 8, 2024
Capital Eye Vol. 17 No. 4
We’re now in the 5th week of session and have reached the halfway mark (Day 30). The pace is accelerating. Committees’ agendas and floor sessions are growing longer. Wednesday, February 7th was Black Policy Day and we were there with many other groups tabling and showing support for the policies being supported by our communities of color as part of the Black Policy Agenda. With so much happening so fast, your calls and notes to legislators are needed every week, so please keep them coming and Tell Them What You Want! More
Issues: EducationEnvironmentHealthcareInequality
Action Alert   February 8, 2024
School Discipline Bill “Misses The Mark” by a Mile
SB 614 says: punish first, maybe seek understanding later, and in the meantime call the police and eliminate the child from school. Protect Kids: Tell Senators to Vote NO on SB 614! More
Issues: DiscriminationEducationInequality
Newsletter article   February 8, 2024
Keep Guns Out of Schools – Oppose HB 4299 with Moms Demand Action
HB 4299 passed the Education Committee about 10 days ago and as yet has not been taken up by the Judiciary Committee. Stay tuned for updates and calls to action. In addition to HB 4299 there are four other bills related to armed personnel that are not teachers. One of these, HB 4851, passed the House with a controversial amendment that limits some types of diversity training from the list of training that may be provided to school resource officers. More
Issues: DiscriminationEducationGun SafetyGun Violence
Newsletter article   January 31, 2024
Misc. Updates with Links for More In-Depth Reading
Some good news! The progress of a number of bad bills we alerted you about last week has slowed. Other bills, both good and bad, have advanced, but are pending in other committees for further consideration. Lots of links here for more on what happened last week, a look at where things are heading this week, and other great resources for legislative updates and actions. More
Issues: DiscriminationEducationElectionsHealthcare
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett January 24, 2024
‘Bad Idea Factory’ in Full Swing
Some of the most harmful proposals deal with criminal law. Not only are they doubling down on the failed war on drugs, but two different death penalty bills have been introduced in the Senate. Not satisfied that they did enough harm to trans youth during the last legislative session, there is yet another bill (SB 194) aimed at further restricting access to care to life-saving care for these vulnerable young people. There's also a transphobic ‘bathroom bill’ (HB 4806) seeks to prohibit trans youth from using school restrooms associated with their gender identity. More
Issues: DiscriminationEducationHealthcareKids and families
Action Alert   January 24, 2024
Urgent Partner Alerts: Keep Guns and Propaganda Out of WV Schools
Call to Action from Moms Demand Action: We received notice that HB 4299, the Arming Teachers and Administrators bill will be heard in the House Education Committee WEDNESDAY 1/24 at 2:00 p.m. Plus details and ways to take action on other bills soon to be considered by the full Senate, including SB 468, which would require West Virginia teachers to use curriculum developed by out-of-state, anti-science, anti-abortion extremists. More
Issues: EducationGun SafetyGun ViolenceKids and families
Newsletter article   October 25, 2023
WV Citizen Action’s 2023 Awards Picnic: Meet Our Awardees
On Saturday, September 16th we gathered at Coonskin Park to celebrate our awardees, reflect on the work we’ve done and what’s to come, and spend time with old and new friends. We wanted to take another opportunity to lift up our amazing awardees and their work, especially for those who were unable to join us. Special thanks to our attendees and sponsors for making this day and our work possible. More
Issues: AwardsDemocracyEducationEnvironmentHealthcareInequalityPollution
Newsletter article CAG January 31, 2023
It’s About to Get Ugly, Very Ugly
The Anti-Racism Act of 2023, HB 2007 banning physicians from providing gender-affirming surgery to minors, SB 59 cutting the number of weeks that laid off workers are eligible for unemployment, Bills SB 158 and HB 3018 that would to End Child Marriage, misuse of ARPA funds and more. More
Issues: EducationInequalityKids and familiesRacial JusticeUnemployment benefits
Citizen Action Group Blog Gary Zuckett January 29, 2023
Guns in Schools
The WV Legislature's solution to gun violence: arm more ‘good guys’ to engage in shootouts when a gunman shows up at one of our schools or colleges. More
Issues: EducationGun SafetyGun Violence
Action Alert Gary Zuckett January 28, 2023
Keep WV Funded: Take Action to Stop Dangerous Tax Cuts!
Right now the Governor and the Legislature are sparring over the best way to give tax cuts to the wealthy and big businesses — at our expense. Every West Virginian would pay the price because of the gaps that would be left in the state budget. We need a budget that reflects our priorities: investments in programs that benefit all West Virginians, not tax cuts for the wealthiest. Tell the Governor and your legislators: No tax cuts until our needs are met! More
Issues: Budget prioritiesEducationFair taxationHealthcareInfrastructureKids and families
Newsletter article CAG January 23, 2023
(Other) Big Things That Happened – Week 2
Here’s a quick overview of some of the other big things that happened this past week — things that aren’t covered elsewhere in this update on the second week of the 2023 legislative session. This includes action on "zombie bills" on guns and unemployment in the Senate. In the House, the Health Committee advanced bills to reorganize DHHR and limit health care options for transgender youth. More
Issues: EducationKids and familiesUnemployment benefitsWorkers
Citizen Action Group Blog Julie Archer January 15, 2023
Advocates Call for Local & Legislative Action, Funding for Community Support Services to Address School Suspension Disparities
The impact of school discipline “falls heavily on the most marginalized, and the poorest people. And the cycle will be perpetuated until we come together and figure out how to address it today.” This Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, lets lift our collective voices to call on lawmakers to address inequities in school discipline, and to advocate for just, fair and equitable allocation of ARPA funds to help our most vulnerable. More
Issues: DiscriminationEducationInequalityKids and families
Newsletter article Julie Archer February 7, 2022
Don’t Be Fooled by “Curriculum Transparency” Farce – Take Action to Stop Classroom Censorship
The deceptively titled “Anti-Racism Act of 2022” (SB 498) is one of several bills supported by extremists who want to suppress the truth about actions and policies that have injured and continue to harm marginalized people and communities. More
Issues: EducationInequality
Action Alert Julie Archer February 3, 2022
Protect Honesty in Education: Tell Delegates Not to Censor the Truth
A bill introduced in the House of Delegates (HB 4011) would suppress the discussion of topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion; and bury the truth about how actions and policies have injured and continue to harm marginalized people and communities. Contact members of the House Education Committee today! Tell them to oppose HB 4011. More
Issues: DiscriminationEducationInequality
Newsletter article Julie Archer January 31, 2022
Legislative Forecast: Week 3
This week we continue our round up of what is happening under the dome (and elsewhere) related to several critical issue areas and actions you can take. More
Issues: DemocracyDiscriminationEducationFair CourtsInequalityPollutionVoting RightsWater
Newsletter article Gary Zuckett January 31, 2022
The Year of Babydog?
The second full week of session had several highlights. As of Friday, 1,551 bills had been introduced by both chambers, our governor held his belated ‘State of the State’ address, and a public hearing on ending the nuclear power ban in WV was held. More
Issues: DiscriminationEducationEnergyHealthcareWorkers
Newsletter   April 20, 2021
Capital Eye Vol. 14 No. 9: Legislative Wrap Up
Here's our wrap up of the 2021 WV Legislative Session. Even though it has ended, exciting federal programs will be moving in DC and our senior senator is a key vote in moving most everything. As such, we’ll be pivoting to put much more of our focus on some very promising legislation.  More
Issues: Aboveground Storage TanksBudget prioritiesClean electionsDemocracyEducationEnergyEnvironmentFair CourtsHealthcareInequalityPollutionVoting Rights
Citizen Action Group Blog   April 20, 2021
Status of 2021 Bills by Topic/Subject
Consumer Protection, Civil Justice, Courts, Constitutional Amendments, Health Care, Voting Rights, and so much more. More
Issues: Aboveground Storage TanksBudget prioritiesDiscriminationEducationEnergyEnvironmentFair taxationHealthcarePovertyVoting RightsWater
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