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Newsletter article Eve Marcum-Atkinson October 24, 2023
Medicare Drug Price Negotiations & the First 10 Named Drugs
For my father, and for millions across our nation, skipping medications is a life threatening way to make it to the end of the month. In the richest country in the world, That Ain’t Right! We can do better. Fortunately, we're making progress, but the fight for making medications affordable for all continues. More
Issues: MedicarePrescription Drug Prices
Advocacy Letter Cassandra Wiley September 28, 2023
Letter to Biden Administration Showing Our Support on Rx Price Negotiations
The newly created Medicare drug negotiation program is poised to finally address the high and rising cost of prescription drugs, so it is not surprising that it is overwhelmingly popular – with two in three Americans supporting Medicare’s authority to negotiate drug prices charged by big drug companies... More
Issues: Medicare
Press Release   August 17, 2023
Local labor, healthcare, energy, and economic leaders came together on Wednesday, August 16, 2023 to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the signing of the Inflation Reduction Act. More
Issues: HealthcareIRAJobsMedicarePrescription Drug PricesResilient Communities
Press Release Gary Zuckett August 14, 2023
MEDIA ADVISORY: IRA Anniversary Press Conference – Landmark Law Makes Real Progress On Reducing Rx Drug Prices And Addressing Climate While Creating New Jobs & Restoring Tax Fairness For Big Corporations
Press conference with local healthcare, labor and energy advocates to discuss the historic Inflation Reduction Act, its successes and potential on the one-year anniversary of this landmark legislation.  More
Issues: IRAJobsMedicare
Action AlertPress Release Eve Marcum-Atkinson July 28, 2023
MEDIA ADVISORY: Join Healthcare For All WV at 9th St. Live TONIGHT!
Celebrate the 58th Anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid, unite for better healthcare, and share your healthcare story with us in Huntington, WV TONIGHT from 6-9PM! More
Issues: HealthcareMedicaidMedicare
Press Release Eve Marcum-Atkinson July 27, 2023
PRESS RELEASE: Medicare Patients Count Down to Lower Drug Costs As 58th Anniversary Approaches
Today, WV Citizen Action Group joins with patients, doctors and grassroots advocates around the nation for a “Countdown to Lower Drug Prices” day of action to celebrate lowering drug prices in Medicare as the program marks its 58th year.  More
Issues: HealthcareMedicaidMedicarePrescription Drug Prices
Action Alert Cassandra Wiley July 20, 2023
Join HC4AWV at 9th St. Live, Friday, July 28th!
Join Healthcare for All WV at 9th St. Live on Friday evening, July 28th, in Huntington, WV for live music, community, and sharing your healthcare stories. From 6-9PM, we’ll be celebrating the anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid, and inviting West Virginians to unite for better healthcare. We have some of the worst healthcare outcomes in the nation. That ain’t right! And we can do better. More
Issues: HealthcareMedicaidMedicare
Citizen Action Group Blog Eve Marcum-Atkinson July 17, 2023
Blog: My letter to Representative Miller’s Office on Healthcare in WV
Dear Emily, Thank you so much for meeting with our Healthcare For All West Virginia team on Tuesday, June 27th... Most especially, thank you for listening to our concerns as fellow West Virginians passionate about healthcare issues and relaying them to Representative Miller. More
Issues: Health InsuranceHealthcareMedicaidMedicare
Citizen Action Group Blog CAG July 11, 2023
Healthcare Team Goes To DC!
If these healthcare issues are important to you or your loved ones, please consider becoming a volunteer with Healthcare For All WV! Our healthcare team hit DC a couple weeks ago and met with congressional policy advisors to discuss a number of healthcare issues important to West Virginians. More
Issues: HealthcareMedicaidMedicarePrescription Drug Prices
Newsletter article   March 7, 2023
PEIA Bill A Hard New Reality for Public Employees and Their Families
If you are a PEIA member who makes $28,101 to $38,101 per year, your premium will go up from $234 to $294.83 a month. With an extra $147 a month for a spouse who chooses PEIA over their own employer-provided insurance. That raises the monthly premium to $441.83. Border counties have to pay an even higher premium with 10% more. If you are a non-Medicare retiree, expect your premium to go up around 7%. More
Issues: Health InsuranceHealthcareMedicare
Action Alert Eve Marcum-Atkinson February 20, 2023
Tell Congress: Crack Down on Profiteering in Medicare Advantage!
We believe that everyone should have access to the healthcare they need and people should come before profits. That's why we are fighting for Medicare for All. To get there, we need to stop the expansion of privatized Medicare called Medicare Advantage, which makes healthcare more expensive for everyone while increasing corporate profit. More
Issues: HealthcareMedicare
Action Alert Eve Marcum-Atkinson December 15, 2022
Some IRA Health Care Provisions Set to Start January 1st!
Some Inflation Reduction Act health care provisions have already started, and others are set to start January 1st, namely the $35/month insulin cap, which will save diabetic West Virginians on Medicare an average of $1,530 per month! More
Issues: IRAMedicare
Citizen Action Group Blog Gary Zuckett September 28, 2022
Historic Climate Legislation Passed – An IRA Summary
West Virginians will benefit from this historic legislation through money-saving incentives and additional support for communities on the frontlines in the transition to clean energy. More
Issues: Clean EnergyClimate ChangeInflationIRAMedicare
Press Release Eve Marcum-Atkinson September 16, 2022
MEDIA ADVISORY: WV groups to host webinar on lowering drug costs now by cracking down on Pharmacy Benefit Managers – Sept. 22nd at 7PM
A group of West Virginia organizations and groups will be hosting an educational webinar on September 22nd at 7PM, centered around how we can lower prescription drug costs now by cracking down on Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs). The press and public are invited to attend. More
Issues: HealthcareMedicaidMedicarePrescription Drug Prices
Press Release Gary Zuckett July 31, 2022
PRESS RELEASE: Healthcare Reforms and Prescription Drug Pricing Take Center Stage at Medicare/Medicaid Anniversary Celebration
coalition of West Virginia groups and healthcare advocates hosted a press conference this past Saturday centered around the 57th birthday of Medicare and Medicaid, with healthcare and prescription drug pricing reforms taking center stage. More
Issues: Health InsuranceHealthcareMedicaidMedicarePrescription Drug PricesPrivatization
Action Alert Eve Marcum-Atkinson July 22, 2022
Medicare/Medicaid Birthday Celebration, July 30th
Join us noon Saturday, July 30th at the Kanawha City Health Center, located at 4602 MacCorkle Ave SE in Charleston, WV, for a celebration/press event centered around the 57th birthday of Medicare and Medicaid. More
Issues: MedicaidMedicare
Action Alert Eve Marcum-Atkinson July 22, 2022
We Need Your WV Health Care Stories!
High prescription drug costs making it hard to be well and pay your bills? Are you struggling to keep your Medicaid and work? Please, consider sharing your WV Health Care Story. Decisionmakers won't know our struggles unless we tell them. More
Issues: HealthcareMedicaidMedicarePrescription Drug Prices
Newsletter article Eve Marcum-Atkinson July 21, 2022
Take Action on Healthcare
Make Meds Affordable campaign, breaking pharmaceutical and patent monopolies, collecting health care stories, insulin copay caps, Medicare drug price negotiations, and more! More
Issues: HealthcareMedicaidMedicare
Newsletter article Eve Marcum-Atkinson July 21, 2022
Medicare/Medicaid Birthday Celebration & Press Event – July 30th at noon
Join us on Saturday, July 30th at noon outside the Cabin Creek Health Systems’ Kanawha City Health Center, located at 4602 MacCorkle Ave SE, Charleston, WV, for a celebration and press event centered around the 57th birthday of Medicare and Medicaid. More
Issues: HealthcareMedicaidMedicare
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